'I'm A Nerd': BC's Premier Did A Dorky 'Star Trek' Salute While Being Sworn In (VIDEO)

The video might be the cutest thing we've ever seen. 🖖
'I'm A Nerd': BC's Premier Did A Dorky 'Star Trek' Salute While Being Sworn In (VIDEO)

We love a nerdy moment and B.C.'s Premier, John Horgan gave us just that during his official swearing-in ceremony on Thursday, November 26. 

The Premier was re-elected in the recent provincial election and he stood (virtually) before British Columbians on Thursday to make it official.

As Horgan stood to recite his oaths, his right hand raised high, we saw his fingers part in the middle, making a Vulcan salute from Star Trek

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I'm a nerd, I can't help it. I do that a lot. John Horgan

According to CTV News, the Premier spoke to the media following his ceremony and explained that he didn't even realize he was doing it until afterwards. 

He said he meant to disrespect by doing it and even called it a "signal to geeks everywhere." 

The hand signal is very popular and even has it’s own emoji. According to the emoji Dictionary, it's a gesture of good will and is often accompanied by the phrase “live long and prosper.”

If you'd call yourself a nerd like our Premier, you probably already know this stuff. 

So, John Horgan is officially the Premier, again, and officially a giant nerd. 

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