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Alberta Humane Society Has Tons Of Cute Cats Up For Adoption & Their Names Are Ridiculous

If you’re in the market for a new fur baby, you may want to check out some of the adorably named animals at the Alberta Humane Society.

The adoption page on the humane society’s website is filled to the brim with animals and all of their names are equal parts unique, cute, and hilarious. 

Right now, there are tons of cats that need to be adopted and with names like Skimbleshanks, Carbucketty, and Taco, we can’t understand why they haven’t been scooped up yet. 

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Timbit, Nymphadora, Goliath, and Jeht

Some of the other feline names. 

Some of the kitties even have human titles including being named after the always iconic Madonna. There's another named Jim because, why not?

The very regal Madam Mim is also looking for a forever home and so is an all-black cat called Ninja. 

Alongside these fuzzy felines are a few adoptable dogs one of which is named everyone's favourite lunch meat, Salami. 

If you’re in the market for something smaller, then why not adopt Johanna the hamster who had her name handed down to her from her mother’s mother’s mother. 

All the animals on the humane society’s page are up for adoption right now and with iconic names paired with adorable background stories, it’s going to be difficult to say no to a new family member.

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