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Ontario Humane Society Rescues US Dogs In Need Of Homes

North Bay Humane Society is rescuing 10 to 15 dogs from Kentucky this weekend, and they will all need forever homes as soon as they are processed.

Janet Bredin, shelter manager of the North Bay Humane Society, told Narcity that the population in US shelters is "astronomical" compared to Ontario shelters.

"The U.S. shelters might have 100 or 200 dogs whereas our facility is only really equipped for 30 to 35 at any one time," said Bredin. "So, we're a little bit limited as to how much we can help and how often we can help, but facilities down there have 70 or 80 dogs come in on a weekend. They need the assistance from shelters like us."

The shelter has already received 34 dogs from around Kentucky and has already found the pups loving homes.

The North Bay Humane Society is working with a general transport rescue group that will be driving the dogs from Kentucky to a location near Kingston, Ontario where staff and volunteer drivers will pick up the fluffy critters once they have been safely cleared by Canada customs.

The transport rescue group organizes the dog's travel and pick up from the U.S. and vets Canadian shelters to see if they are eligible to take in rescues from organizations in "dire" need.

"Right now we've been relying on staff members from the North Bay Humane Society to build that relationship up initially and go down to pick up the dogs and bring them back to our area."

"But it's also been really fantastic having these dogs come back here and the response from adopters. There has been a lot of support and a lot of understanding for what these dogs have potentially gone through. The length of time that they have spent in transport and the stress that they've had to endure. And a lot of people are really giving them the benefit of the doubt and they've found fantastic homes."

Once the 10 to 15 dogs arrive at North Bay Humane Society, they will receive health and behaviour assessments. Once the vet gives them the all-clear, the pups will be placed up for adoption.

According to Bredin, once the dogs are deemed to be in healthy conditions, they should be available a few days after their arrival this weekend.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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