The Toronto Humane Society Has So Many Pets That Are Available For Adoption Right Now

Dr. Fluffy, Jojo and more critters are looking for their forever homes!
Toronto Humane Society Has So Many Pets That Are Available For Adoption Right Now
Ontario Editor

If you're looking to adopt, the Toronto Humane Society currently has tons of furry critters looking for their forever homes. 

The spot currently has dogs, cats, bunnies and even turtles who are looking for their next parents. If you find a pet that you're interested in, you can start your adoption process on their website. 

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This Siberian Husky Mix is nearly two years old and is both energetic and adventurous.

According to the humane society, she also loves taking naps and playing with her toys.

It's important to note that this furry friend was hit by a car and is still recovering from her leg injuries.

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Peaches n Cream

This little kitty is just as adorable as his name.

At nearly 5 years old, this furry friend is said to have a warm heart and form strong connections with humans.

However, he is looking to find a spot with no kids or other animals. Sometimes Peaches n Cream can get grouchy, but he is working on it.

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If you're looking for someone a little less furry, this turtle is also looking for her forever home.

The 12-year-old was found in a park and she can't stop thinking about where she will end up next.

However, before adopting this little critter, it's important to remember that turtles can live around 50 years and do need daily care and attention.

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This ten-year-old Bulldog-American Mix loves naps, hugs and high fives.

Ready also loves the outdoors and will need a home that has a big and quiet backyard for him to enjoy.

It is important to note that sometimes he can get a bit protective while out on walks and isn't the nicest to other humans and dogs.

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This 12-year-old kitty is still looking for her forever home.

Queen loves snacks, wand toys and naps and does expect to be treated like royalty.

It is important to note that this cat is diabetic so she will need to take daily medication.

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Dr. Fluffy 

If you're looking for an energetic critter, Dr. Fluffy is the pet for you.

With the love of lettuce and toys, she's always ready to go on her next adventure.

If you have other pets, don't worry. This little bunny is pretty comfortable with other furry friends.

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor