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The Toronto Humane Society Just Received 27 Rescue Dogs & They All Need Homes

Say hello to Dagmar and her pups! 🐶
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If you're looking for a lockdown buddy, then you might want to check out these dogs up for adoption in Toronto.

The Toronto Humane Society tweeted today that they have a new batch of furry friends that recently arrived in the city, and you can apply to adopt one.

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There are 27 dogs in all, and they arrived in Toronto via the Northern Reach Rescue Network.

The network works with communities in Northern Ontario to relocate stray and injured dogs to various adoption agencies in the province.

A representative from the Toronto Humane Society said most of the new arrivals will be available for adoption once they've completed the intake process, but the youngest puppies will need to be fostered before they can find their forever homes.

If you're interested in a new furry friend, you can visit the Toronto Humane Society's website to book an adoption appointment.

After meeting with a Humane Society counsellor to determine which animal would be the best pet for you, you can have a virtual puppy Zoom date to meet your new potential roommate before the adoption is finalized. 

However, the process might take longer than usual right now.

The Toronto Humane Society says they've had 11,000 applications in two months, far more than their usual rate of 3,000 adoptions in a whole year!

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