This Hilarious Canadian Tire Billboard In Alberta Displays A Big Old Butt Crack (PHOTO)

Talk about a cheeky advertisement!
Albertan Canadian Tire Billboard Shows A Big Butt Crack & We're Here For It (PHOTO)

Sometimes a good old fashioned butt joke is all we need. A billboard near a small town in Alberta is gaining a lot of attention online. At first look, it's just a regular advertisement from an Alberta Canadian Tire. Only when you take a moment to focus do you realize that it's not your average roadside advertisement. 

The photo was posted by Rachael Edmondson Pasay on Wednesday, June 3. The caption reads, "Canadian tire advertisement on the highway near Leduc!"

The billboard, plastered with the Canadian Tire logo, reads, "Leduc Garden Centre, Open Till Oct. 1st, 10:00 p.m." on the left side. 

On the right side, it reads, "Fresh Plants Arriving Daily." 

But it's the picture in the middle that's raising a lot of eyebrows. Unexpectedly, you see a man leaning over with his butt crack exposed. 

Pasay told Narcity that her photo oh the advertisement was taken on the Queen Elizabeth II highway just south of Edmonton. 

"My husband saw it originally on May 1," she said. 

So if you're counting in your head, that glorious billboard has been surprising Albertan highway drivers for at least a month. 

Pasay said she's been trying to see if anyone posted about the photo in her local Rant and Rave Facebook page for Leduc. "I didn't see anyone mention it," she said. 

On June 3, her husband Jason was driving by it again and he decided to turn around and get on the service road to take a few photos. 

"I decided to share it because it’s a great, funny, creative advertisement," she told us. 

As they say in the advertising world, no publicity is bad publicity. 

Narcity has reached out to Canadian Tire and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

The set of two photos have so far been shared nearly 900 times. It's also getting its own memes across so many different social media platforms. 

The "Meanwhile in Alberta" group on Facebook reposted the same billboard and it's gotten over 4,400 shares. 

Whether it was a mishap by the Canadian Tire advertising department or it was a deliberate marketing scheme to drum some buzz, it looks like Albertans are totally here for it. 

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