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Amber Heard. Right: Amber Heart at a restaurant.

Amber Heard. Right: Amber Heart at a restaurant.

It turns out the internet didn't completely "demonize" Amber Heard during her defamation fight with Johnny Depp, because she's already got a marriage proposal on the table from a man she's never met.

A man in Saudi Arabia has reportedly proposed to marry the Aquaman actress, despite the $10.35-million debt she now faces after losing most of the trial.

In a voice recording sent to Heard's official Instagram account, the unidentified man can be heard saying in Arabic that he's "better than Depp" and that he'll take care of her, reported NBC 15 News.

According to a rough translation, he says: "Amber, since all doors are closing on you, you have no one except me to take care of you."

"I've noticed that some people hate and bully you; therefore, I decided to marry you," continues the voice note." May Allah bless us both. You are a blessing, but people don't appreciate that. I am better than that old man."

Heard didn't respond to the DM, but it's one of the more positive reactions she's received on the internet lately -- even if it is a bit of a backhanded compliment.

The proposal comes after Heard and Depp went head-to-head in a six-week defamation trial that was broadcast around the world. Depp convinced the jury that she defamed him with a Washington Post op-ed in 2018, and the court ultimately awarded him $10.35 million in damages.

Heard's $100-million countersuit was mostly unsuccessful, although she did win one part of it and was awarded $2 million as a result.

Heard hasn't answered the Saudi man's marriage proposal yet, although something tells me that after what she just went through, she's probably not looking to become a "Mrs" any time soon.

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