An Exchange Student In Canada Roasted Our Fashion Choices & He Has A Point (VIDEO)

The "square pyjamas" are a mystery to him.

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TikToker useroriol3003 showing Canadian fashion trends.

TikToker useroriol3003 showing Canadian fashion trends.

It seems us Canadians are a little predictable when it comes to what we wear and it's recently been called out.

Over on TikTok, the account @useroriol3003 posted a videoin which he lists out some Canuck fashion trends along with the hashtags #exchangestudents #echangeyear #canada #🇪🇸🇨🇦, which seems to imply that he's a Spanish student in the country.

"When I came to Canada and I saw ppl dressed like that..." the text on the screen said before a big "WTF" showed up.

The video then flashed to a green screen of flannel pyjama pants, which the TikToker hilariously called "square pyjamas," very large false eyelashes, people wearing socks with Birkenstocks, heavy eye makeup, Crocs with socks, and, of course, flannel shirts.


#greenscreen el audio lo mejor #exchangestudents #echangeyear #canada #🇪🇸🇨🇦

Over in the comment section, Canadians had some things to say about the gentle roasting.

"I am watching this while I'm wearing flannel, my Birks and socks," one person write. "No shame."

"I will never stop going to school in my pyjamas," another shared.

That being said, a fellow newcomer made a point.

"I love the casual style here. I’m from Europe and having to dress up every single day was so tiring," they explained. "That’s one thing I really love about Canada."

The TikToker @useroriol3003 isn't the only one to poke some fun at Canuck clothing — A Ukrainian refugee living in the country also gently roasted a thing that Canadians do in the summer.

"But, guys, what's up with boots?" asked Semion, who runs the TikTok account @newcanadians, explaining that no offence was meant.

"It could be plus 30 outside — I'm sweating, melting, and I see a guy with shorts with a t-shirt and huge leather winter-style boots on."

"I mean sometimes I even see people with no socks, and winter boots, which is so hardcore," Semion said.

What can we say, we like to stay warm!

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Senior Staff Writer
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