Here’s a little nostalgia for you. This forest-covered Ontario home for sale has a dreamy rooftop patio that will make you feel like you’re living in a charming adult tree fort. Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable too? 

Located in the Longbow Lake area near Kenora, Ontario, this secluded house is full of rustic charm.

And it’s the perfect getaway if you’re feeling sick of busy city life. 

From the serene rooftop hangout, you can soak in views of the nearby lake while you sip your morning coffee. 

There’s a cozy two-person balcony just below the rooftop patio and a deck off of the main level as well, so your outdoor hangout options are bountiful. 

And if you’re up for a little exploring, there are plenty of trails around so you can satisfy your wanderlust. 

Along the way, you’re likely to find fresh blueberries and orchids that are ripe for the picking. 

The eco-friendly residence runs on solar and propane and even has a composting toilet and a greywater pit.

So if off-grid living sounds ideal to you, then this private treetop house might be just what you’re looking for.

It may need a little TLC but for $175,000, we’ll take it.

Angela Kuchma | RE/MAX

On the main floor, you’ll find a quaint living and dining area with windows so big you’ll almost feel like you’re outside. Although, you'll probably be outdoors anyway.

Two bedroom areas are located upstairs, and from there you’ll find treetop views as far as the eye can see.

Angela Kuchma | RE/MAX

You could leave behind the city sounds of squealing brakes and honking horns for the calming sound of leaves rustling in the breeze and birds chirping in the morning. 

Now doesn’t that sound absolutely dreamy?

And with a few good outdoor chairs and a string of twinkle lights, you could easily transform the patio into an Instagram-worthy paradise.

Angela Kuchma | RE/MAX

So if you need a break from it all or want to live out your childhood treehouse fantasies, why not give this spot a try?

It's not every day you find views like this.

Storm Bay Road

Price: $175,000

Address: 47 Storm Bay Rd., Longbow Lake, ON

Description: You can enjoy off-the-grid living and a charming rooftop patio at this rustic forest home in Ontario.

Angela Kuchma | RE/MAX

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