It’s time to get out of the house and get active. And what better excuse do you need than the promise of a rope swing? Angel Springs in B.C. is an adorable hike that houses a “warm spring” and a rope swing you can actually use. It’s basically everything you need for an afternoon adventure. 

B.C. has some amazing hidden gems

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But one of the best little hideaways is Angel Springs in Kelowna. 

This cute little city isn’t just known for its wine, it also houses some incredible hikes that are good for all skill levels. 

Angel Springs is a 10-kilometre trail that's considered to be of moderate difficulty.

Given the length, and the sheer amount of things to see, it’s best to take the entire afternoon to do it. 

As you walk along the trail you'll be completely engulfed by lush forestry and massive trees. 

Think Jurassic Park but less scary. 

The first four-kilometre stretch trail offers winding paths and some incredibly cool rock formations. 

The trail can be difficult to follow at times so keep an eye out for signs and have your GPS or map handy. 

As you walk along, you'll eventually get to the springs

The water is heated below the surface geothermally to over 100 C. Don’t worry, it’s not this hot near the top. 

If you choose to dip your toes in expect to feel warm water of about 25 C. 

Given the hot Okanagan heat, even this warm water will feel refreshing. 

The water may look a little orange in colour due to the tufa deposits.

Located in the middle of the spring is a rope swing

To get to it you will have to walk through the water so either bring a towel or an extra pair of socks. 

If you’re going to take a cute snapshot anywhere, this is the spot to do it. 

The best time to visit the springs is during the summer months when the water won’t be too aggressively high. 

Take a little picnic and a drink or two and enjoy the rushing water. It’s the perfect way to get out of the house, stretch the legs, and take in the fresh air. 

Angel Springs

Address: Kelowna, BC

Why You Need To Go: You need to get in a workout eventually so why not do it on a gorgeous trail?

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