Locals searching for reputable organizations to donate their time and money to support the Black Lives Matter movement need to look no further. No matter what part of the Lone Star State you're from, there are many anti-racist Texas organizations that you can support right now. Major Texas cities such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio have numerous options to choose from.

While there are many, some of the most notable include NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and Texas Organization Project. 

NAACP San Antonio's mission is to eliminate racial discrimination in education, politics, and many other important parts of our lives.

San Antonio Area African American Community Fund, Texas Organizing Project, and 100 Black Men of San Antonio have similar goals, some of which date back to the mid-1900s. 

You can get involved with each of these through their respective websites but if you're looking for an organization closer to your own home, there are even more across the state to choose from.

Austin locals can donate to or sign up for the newsletter from Austin Justice Coalition. Their main focus is criminal justice reform, though they fight for many other areas as well.

Black Lives Matter Austin, Unicorn Riot, and Minnesota Freedom Fund are other organizations that are popular for Austinites to promote and support.

Black Lives Matter Houston, Faith in Texas, Restoring Justice, and Next Generation Action Network are some Dallas and Houston groups that are accepting donations, and, of course, your support.

Restoring Justice in Houston is currently tweeting out information about criminal defense attorneys for those who need them due to protesting.

These anti-racist Texas organizations are reaching out for your help and some could even be based in your home city.