There is now a curfew over certain areas in Dallas that begins at 7 p.m. in response to the protests. It was only the second night of the enforced curfew and hundreds were arrested while crossing Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for violating curfew.

Last night, Dallas saw its fourth night of protests in a row in the city, which occurred peacefully in the early evening.

A march headed towards the Frank Crowley Federal Courthouse and dispersed by the time curfew was enforced.

However, after 8:30 p.m, past Dallas' new curfew, a large crowd took to the street of Riverside Avenue and headed their march towards Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, where law enforcement was waiting, according to FOX 4 News.

As hundreds gathered on the bridge, local police surrounded the crowd from both sides so they could not turn to escape, and proceeded to push the protestors back "with tear gas and fired some type of projectile," as reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

State troopers and local officers then zip-tied protestors' hands to detain them.

After making the mass arrests, the police did not go through with charging the protestors, which local Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins was in favor of.

Reports from the Dallas Morning News say that Jenkins stated he “fully support[ed] not booking them.”

The judge has been sharing his thoughts and opinions along with new rulings on his Twitter account since the protests began.

He advised protestors to "go home and come back tomorrow if you want to protest in the zone" in order for them to avoid potentially getting arrested.

The local official also tweeted that he had "spoken to the peaceful protesters by phone [and] agreed they'd peacefully protest."

Jenkins made an appearance at the scene with local Dallas sheriffs, all the while "social distancing and wearing a mask."