When it comes to the AstraZeneca vaccine, Canada's PM said he is "very, very happy" that he received a dose of that vaccine.

Justin Trudeau made that comment during a press conference on May 4 after he was asked about getting AstraZeneca when the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has said mRNA vaccines are preferred.

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Trudeau noted that personally, he's "extremely pleased" to have received the AstraZeneca vaccine because it was important to him to protect his family and do his part to make sure that Canada gets through the pandemic.

On May 3, NACI said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an option for people aged 30 and older if they don't want to wait for an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer or Moderna, which are recommended because of the "excellent protection."

However, Trudeau said that "the way we get through this pandemic is to get vaccinated with whatever vaccine is offered to us as quickly as possible."

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