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This Retro Atlanta Diner Will Transport You Back To The 70s

Hot dogs and ice cream and burgers, oh my!

When you eat at classic diners, that's when you know you're about to get the best of the best. From cheesy and greasy burgers to the hot fudge sundaes, it doesn't get much better than that. This diner in Atlanta has been around for 70 years and just like wine, some might say that it's aged just fine.

Zesto Atlanta has locations in Buckhead, Forest Park, Little Five Points, East Atlanta and Tyrone. The location on Piedmont Road specifically will give off major 1970s vibes, serving you that vintage feel with retro signs, a reflective mirror exterior running across the top of the building, and the interior decor.

Zesto started in 1945 and was a subsidiary of a freezer cooperation that manufactured ice cream machines. These were called "Zest-O-Mat," according to the official website, thus inspiring the diner's name.

By 1959, food was introduced to the menu which changed the game. There are many popular food options on the menu today from fried chicken to burritos, burgers, nachos, and foot-long dogs, but originally, it started as an ice cream stand.

Each of the locations has something different to offer like breakfast at one spot or tacos and quesadillas at another, but the ice cream stays a main staple across the board.

On a hot Atlanta day, you'll want to grab their famous nut brown crown ice cream cone. This delight is described as, "soft-serve ice cream dipped in rich milk chocolate topping, then rolled in dry roasted peanuts." Yes, please!

If you're craving something savory, you can order a foot-long chili cheese hot dog that just might give Sonic a run for their money. Your food will be brought to you on a retro red lunch tray, taking you on a field trip back to your childhood.

You may recognize the restaurant chain from the show Atlanta, where Donald Glover tries to order a kid's meal but doesn't succeed at the East Atlanta location.

When Georgia gets as hot as the Saraha Desert, you may just want to hop into Zesto and grab a sprinkled covered sweet treat. 

Buckhead Zesto on Piedmont Atlanta 

Price: 💸

Address: 2469 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: This retro diner will send you back to the 70s. It also has great food and ice cream you can't beat.