Natural Georiga Wonders That Are Both Affordable And Absolute Must-Sees

There are many magical spots hidden around The Peach State, you just have to hop in the car and go find them. On this list you'll find the seven natural wonders of Georgia, and they're sure to make your jaw drop. Visiting each of these destinations will leave you with amazing photos and even better memories as you explore lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls.

From the mesmerizing mountains in the northern parts of the state to the very tip of travel treats at its southern border, there's many a wonder waiting to be seen and explored in Georgia.

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What's even better, most of these spots are either free to visit or only have a $5 entry fee per vehicle. So if you're looking to keep costs low while scratching the itch of that travel bug, you've come to the right place.

Since fall and its kaleidoscope of colored leaves is officially here, planning a road trip is probably in order. Following this map to each of these seven destinations should be on your bucket list to kick off the season with a bang, surrounded by all the natural splendor.

Tallulah Gorge

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 338 Jane Hurt Yarn Dr., Tallulah Falls, GA

Why You Need To Go: This park has a huge gorge that's almost 1,000 feet deep and you can hike down to it. First, you have to climb stone stairs, cross a giant swinging bridge, and observe a few majestic waterfalls.

Providence Canyon

Price: $5 for parking

Address: 8930 Canyon Rd., Lumpkin, GA

Why You Need To Go: Known as Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon," this destination came to be due to poor farming practices. The erosion formed a beautiful park with rock formations of all different colors and shapes that you can walk around and see.

Radium Springs

Price: Free

Address: 2501 Radium Springs Rd., Albany, GA

Why You Need To Go: Said to be Georgia's largest natural spring, this garden has a huge turquoise pool in the middle of it. While there's no swimming here, you can take photos and explore the rest of the gardens on the property for a fun and photo-worthy adventure.

Stone Mountain Park

Price: $26.95+

Address: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA

Why You Need To Go: Not only is this a huge mountain you can climb up to get a workout in and panoramic views from the top, but it's an entire park of fun things to do. There are various events that happen every year, including the glowing pumpkin festival, that's basically Christmas but make it pumpkin, going on now through November that you can't miss.

Amicalola Falls

Price: $5 for a daily park pass

Address: 418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd., Dawsonville, GA

Why You Need To Go: There are many trails to take to get to the waterfall, but once you get there, you won't want to leave. This is the third-highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi coming in at 729-feet.

Okefenokee Swamp

Price: $5 entry fee for a 7-day pass

Address: 2700 Suwannee Canal Road Folkston, GA

Why You Need To Go: This swamp covers a 438,000-acre refuge in Folkston. Take a kayak out for the day and explore the waters and see what you can find.

Warm Springs

Price: $5 park pass

Address: 2970 GA-190, Pine Mountain, GA

Why You Need To Go: You might remember this spot as the spring former President F.D.R. would soak in for some relief from his polio. It's located in Georgia's largest state park and visitors can see the same spring today, as well as flowing rivers, cascading falls, and mountain views.

While traveling out of the country to see the world's seven wonders might not be in the cards right now, Georgia's aren't likely to disappoint.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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