Six Flags White Water Is Opening A New Waterslide This Spring With A Plunging Five-Story Drop

Hold onto your bathing suits, Python Plunge is finally set to open this year in Georgia & it's intense!

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A tube of park visitors ride Python Plunge.

A tube of park visitors ride Python Plunge.

Six Flags White Water waterpark in Marietta, GA is set to reopen for the season on May 7, 2022. Thrill-seekers have been anticipating an exciting new addition to the waterpark this year, a waterslide named Python Plunge.

The White Water website describes this ride as "a striking five-story waterslide with multiple swirling discs and adrenaline-pumping drops."

The two-person inline rafts will circle the edge of "three steep-angled saucer bowls" before picking up speed and dropping into a "gravity-defying coiled slide." The slide will be over 500 ft. long with a five-story drop, guaranteed to get park visitors' hearts racing.

Construction for the ride was originally announced on August 29, 2019 but was delayed due to ongoing Covid-19 risks and restrictions. On March 25, 2021 it was announced that the grand opening of the ride would be delayed again until 2022.

As of right now, park officials have not provided an official date on the opening of Python Plunge, and construction is ongoing.

Python Plunge Waterslide at Six Flags White Water AtlantaMidway Mayhem | YouTube

While the countdown to the opening day is yet unknown, it seems potential park-goers are eager for the attraction's arrival.

"Finally we need a new ride" one user comments on a promotional video posted to youtube.

"Where in the world will they fit this?" another commenter wonders.

Six Flags White Water is a very popular 69-acre water park near Atlanta, in East Cobb.

There are more than 20 rides onsite. The Typhoon Twister, which also has a five-story drop, is considered one of the most thrilling ones in Georgia State.

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Georgia Contributing Writer
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