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A Baby Elephant Had Her First Snow Day In Arizona & Went Absolutely Wild (VIDEO)

Neither elephants nor Arizona see snow very often.
Reid Park Zoo Tuscon Arizona Baby Elephant Snow Day

A baby elephant at an Arizona zoo saw snow for the first time last week and her reaction was so freaking cute. 

Elephant calf Penzi and the rest of her herd at the Reid Park Zoo took full advantage of the rare snowfall in Tucson, making it into an all-out snow day. 

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A weather event can always be exciting for the elephants, but a first snow is always special for a baby elephant. Dr. Sue Tygielski

The Zoo shared that most of the animals at the park stayed cozy in their heated shelters during the flurry, but the elephants chose to go out and play. 

"Penzi took the snowflakes as a cue to play in the stream and slip and slide in the mud," said Dr. Sue Tygielski, the park's Director of Zoological Operations. 

The young calf and her older sister, Nandi, couldn't resist a romp in the snow — they rolled in the mud, splashed around the stream, and slid across the slushy ground. 

Penzi even tried to eat snowflakes just like any kid does when they experience their first snow day. 

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