This guy risked it all for love. In late June, a man from Alaska reportedly broke Canada-U.S. border restrictions not once, but twice to meet a woman in Banff. The Alaska border-crosser was finally apprehended at the top of a Banff mountain, where he was charged and escorted out of town.

According to the New York Times, the Alaskan man had met this Calgary woman online and was so determined to spend time with her in Banff that he chose to enter Canada while the border was closed

His Alaska license plate was spotted by the staff of the Rimrock Resort Hotel. 

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They reportedly questioned him and determined that he was not following self-isolation protocols. As a result, they called the police. 

Tammy Keibel of Alberta RCMP told Narcity in an email that the man was "given a ticket in Banff, [Alberta] for $1,200 under the Public Health Act" on June 25. 

She said that the male was allegedly not quarantining as he was travelling through Alberta. 

According to the New York Times, the Alaskan didn't let up after his initial warning to leave town. 

He got massages with his girlfriend the following day and the two even went up the Banff Gondola to enjoy the views. 

Someone noticed his Alaska license plate once again as they were driving up to the gondola parking lot, reported the Times. 

RCMP received a call about this and quickly tracked down the owner of the vehicle. 

The cops followed the lovebirds up the mountain and apprehended the man at the summit. 

"The subject was the same person who had received a ticket the night before," Keibel said.

The RCMP division spoke to a quarantine officer in Calgary, and the Alaska rulebreaker was then charged under the Federal Quarantine Act. 

"The male was arrested and released on an undertaking with a court date set for Nov. 26, 2020," she said. 

Americans have been spotted in the Albertan tourist area before in recent months despite border restrictions.

Seven Americans were slapped with $1,200 fines each in late June for stopping to sightsee in Banff.