Over 40 Beds Were Found Inside This Banff Home After The Town Got 'Multiple Complaints'

The mayor says the town needs more affordable housing.

321 Squirrel Street in Banff.

321 Squirrel Street in Banff.

Alberta Health Services has issued an order after a house in Banff was found to contain over 40 beds.

The property, located at 321 Squirrel St., has a maximum occupancy of 16 people, but when it was inspected by an AHS officer, there was evidence of as many as 42 people living there, the order said.

"The sixteen persons maximum occupancy was exceeded. A total of forty-two beds and/or mattresses were counted in the facility," AHS said.

AHS also pointed out that a tenant was "sleeping in a basement room with no window," and washrooms and kitchens were found to be dirty and had an accumulation of debris and garbage.

All the necessary changes that were outlined in the order must be made to the house by September 12, 2022, AHS said.

In a statement, Darren Enns, director of planning and development for the Town of Banff, said the town had received and responded to "multiple complaints" about the property over recent years, but the property "still failed to comply" and continued to have unsuitable living arrangements.

"We will work to ensure no one living at this property is left without suitable housing," he added.

Enns also said, while Banff has a priority to create more affordable housing, there are also challenges as the town isn't able to expand out past its current boundary that was set in 1990.

In a statement, Banff's Mayor Corrie DiManno admitted the town needs "more affordable housing."

"As a community who welcomes the world, Banff is a beautiful place to live but it’s imperative that it’s also a safe and comfortable place to call home," she said.

DiManno said the town would monitor the housing situation in Banff and ensure that landlords comply with "stringent occupancy and safety requirements.”

Charlie Hart
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