Here's What You Need To Know About BC's 'Random' Checks To Enforce New Travel Restrictions

Minister Farnworth says they'll be using "roadblocks."
BC Travel Ban: Here's What You Need To Know About The 'Random' Checks

On Monday, April 19, John Horgan announced that new B.C. travel restrictions will come into effect on Friday, April 23, to eliminate non-essential travel. 

During the announcement, Horgan mentioned "random audits" in the form of roadside stops to ensure people aren't leaving their heath regions.

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In a statement emailed to Narcity, Mike Farnworth, minister of public safety and solicitor general, said that the roadblocks will be like the "usual winter holiday “Counterattack” anti-drinking and driving campaign – set up at places like BC Ferries or on Highway 1 leaving the Lower Mainland, to discourage recreational travel." He continued to say that "there will be no random individual stops."

“Our intention is to discourage recreational and leisure travel – not punish people  – and we are not interested in disrupting commuters and people going about their lives.” 

He noted that the government will work to ensure that the new orders don't "unfairly impact racialized communities."