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Here's Where BC's First 4 Roadside Checkpoints To Stop Non-Essential Travel Are Located

There are fines for people travelling for non-essential reasons.

Photos of Sea-to-sky highway and roadside checkstop

New travel restrictions in B.C. have been introduced, and locals can expect to see the changes on major highways.

The Government of British Columbia says all non-essential travel is banned until Tuesday, May 25, after the May long weekend.

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B.C. RCMP says that as of Thursday, May 6, COVID-19 travel restriction road checks have been set up at four different locations across the province. These are part of the province's attempt to reduce the local spread of COVID-19 by restricting travel between the following three regions: Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and the Northern and Interior regions.

Drivers can expect the checkpoints at the following locations: Highway 1 in Boston Bar; Highway 3 in Manning Park; Highway 5 in Old Toll Booth, and Highway 99 in Lillooet.

There will be signs at each location to inform drivers of the upcoming road check. If needed, there will be safe U-turn routes for drivers who don't think their travel is essential and wish to avoid the checkpoint altogether.

Toronto Broke Huge Vaccine Records At Scotiabank & Gave Out Even More Doses Than Expected

If you have FOMO, don't fret — all Ontario adults can book second doses starting today.

Toronto's "Our Winning Shot" clinic at Scotiabank Arena turned out to be a slam dunk. The arena-turned-vaccine clinic broke records on Sunday, June 27, after administering 26,771 shots at the event — 978 first doses and 25,793 second doses.

"The total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered are believed to be a new world record for most one-day COVID-19 vaccinations given at a single clinic," the City said in a statement. It also broke the previous North American record of 17,003 doses administered at one clinic in a single day, which was held by Texas.

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This Blue Jays Hat With Poutine On It Is Getting Roasted On Twitter Right Now

It's giving Quebecers and Ontarians something to bond over.

Ontario and Quebec may have a longstanding rivalry in every professional sport, but they have set aside their differences over this Toronto Blue Jays hat by New Era.

The cap, which was launched in November 2020 as part of the "Local Market" collection, features the team's logo and Toronto's 416 area code in the front and a poutine patch on the back. The hat has since been pulled from the store's website.

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John Tory Is Duelling It Out With Montreal’s Mayor As The Leafs Take On The Habs

The mayors are taking their hockey rivalry to the next level with an intriguing bet.

The longstanding rivalry between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens has now reached a whole new level.

To commemorate the first playoff game between the two teams in 42 years on Thursday, Toronto Mayor John Tory has placed a bet with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante to up the ante for the highly-anticipated showdown.

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Tory & Trudeau Look Like They’re In Their 20s Again With Their Lockdown Hair (PHOTOS)

They're trying to make do with their shaggy flow like the rest of Ontario.

No special exceptions are being made for politicians to get their hair cut during Ontario's ongoing shutdown and it seems they're trying to make do with shaggy lockdown looks just like the rest of us.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, for example, is starting to resemble his younger self with his long locks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a similar position, sporting the flowing mane of his youth that was long enough for a hair flip last April.

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