You Can Now Buy 'Grumpy Bernie' Merch & The Proceeds Go To Good Causes

Sanders reacted in the cutest way to his meme fame.
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By now, pretty much the whole world recognizes the "Grumpy Bernie" meme and the obsession around it. 

Now, you can buy your very own merch with the famous pic of Bernie Sanders and the proceeds will go to good causes. 

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In an interview on CNN Sunday night, Sanders reacted to the meme and shared that "Grumpy Bernie" merch will be sold nationwide and the proceeds will benefit programs like Meals on Wheels.

When asked if he was enjoying the meme as much as the rest of the world, Sanders beamed an uncharacteristic smile and shared he's having a lot of fun with it. 

"Not only are we having fun... we’re going to be selling around the country sweatshirts and T-shirts, and all of the money that’s going to be raised... will be going to programs like Meals on Wheels, that feed low-income senior citizens," said the senator. 

Last night, Bernie shared an official link to the merch on his Instagram, which is called the "Chairman Sanders Collection." 

If you're dying to get your hands on a pair of the OG mittens so you can rock the full Bernie look, you'll have to pay a steep price. 

The mittens, which were hand-made by Vermont teacher Jen Ellis have been in high demand since Sanders went viral. 

Ellis shared that she gave the mittens to Sanders as a gift a few years ago, which she knitted from repurposed wool sweaters and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Since the inauguration, Ellis' mittens have been selling for thousands of dollars on eBay for causes like Passion 4 Paws and she donated other pairs to Outright Vermont for auction.

But, other than the few pairs that she's donated to good causes, Ellis said she won't be taking orders anytime soon. 

For now, you can place a bid for a pair of the famous mittens on eBay or snag a t-shirt from Sanders' official merch shop to show your love for "Grumpy Bernie."

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