This Scientist Is Using The Bernie Sanders Meme To Help Make Learning Fun

The meme that keeps on giving. 🐟
This Scientist Is Using The Bernie Sanders Meme To Help Make Learning Fun

Senator Bernie Sanders became a fashion icon on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration, and the now popular "Bernie Sits" meme is being used for more than just laughs.

One scientist, under the Twitter name @RebbeccaRHelm, began using the meme to help illustrate the size of various ocean creatures, and the thread is both educational and hilarious.

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We can assume that each sitting Bernie is approximately 1 meter. Which means we can measure ocean creatures in unit Bernies... @RebeccaRHelm

Bernie Sanders stands at a height of six feet, which led the scientist to believe that the senator sitting down is just over three feet tall.

Even some of the ocean's largest and smallest creatures can be measured in Bernies.

Sanders finally broke his silence about the meme going viral on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," saying he had no idea how popular it had gotten, and that he was simply just trying to stay warm and pay attention.

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