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Two 'Big Brother Canada' Houseguests Are Headed To The Jury House & Here's How They Feel

After last night's double eviction the jury has officially started!
Big Brother Canada Jury House: 2 Houseguests Are Going To Jury

On Thursday, April 8, a shocking double eviction took place on Big Brother Canada. Now, two former houseguests are headed to the Big Brother Canada jury house to become the first members of this season's jury. 

The jury is assembled to make the final call on who will win the game once and for all. While in the jury house, contestants are no longer playing the game. Though, they are still totally cut off from the outside world and watching Big Brother Canada along with the rest of us. 

Two houseguests were evicted on last night's episode and Narcity asked them how they feel about heading to jury. Warning: spoilers lie ahead. 

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Victoria Woghiren heads to the Big Brother Canada jury house

Victoria, known in the Big Brother Canada house as Spicy V, was voted out of the house in a shocking turn of events. Regarded by most of the houseguests as the strongest player in the house, many people were surprised to see her go. 

She is a total superfan and we caught up with her to find out how she feels about leaving the BBCAN house and heading to the jury house. 

"I’m SO happy I made it to jury. When I say I would have been devastated if I was home right now, I mean it," she told us.

"Going to jury sucks because you’re not in the house, but I’m still in this game. I have a say on who’s going to take home the crown and that matters to me as a super fan."

Rohan Kapoor on moving into the jury house

In last night's double eviction, Rohan was the second houseguest to be forced to say goodbye. Now, moving into the jury house, he has some advice for the houseguests who are left standing. 

"Play hard. Obviously Tina and Tera, I have a great personal relationship with them, but they need to do a couple more things in the game for me to vote for them in the end. I think they need to make some strong moves and not be afraid to do so," he began.

"For Jed, Beth, and Tychon, obviously they have three wins collectively now and they are playing a good social game. I have to give them the respect for getting people to do things that they wanted done in the house."

As for Kiefer, Rohan said, "just keep doing what you're doing."

Last, he looked to Breydon. "I want him to make a big move. I want him to win HOH and I want him to put Jed and Tychon or Jed and Beth on the block." Rohan said doing this would give Breydon a good argument for his vote in the final two. 

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