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These Republicans Spent Millions Calling For GOP Reps. To Resign

Billboards are popping up around the nation.

Nearly one month after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the United States Capitol building, one organization, led by prominent Conservatives, is calling for many GOP representatives to resign.

The Republican Accountability Project (RAP) is on a mission to hold GOP officials accountable for the January 6 Capitol riots, and they are getting the word out through a $1 million nationwide billboard campaign.

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RAP's goal is to not allow these officials to memory-hole the fact that they pushed this lie, which incited the attack on the Capitol.  Sarah Longwell, Executive Director 

The billboards target at least 11 different GOP members, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene went after RAP Chairmen Bill Kristol on Twitter after seeing her billboard, calling him a "pro-abortion Democrat."

The organization is also on a mission to support House Republicans who voted not to object to counting the electoral votes, as well as those who voted to impeach Donald Trump.

They also support five Senate Republicans who voted not to dismiss Trump's upcoming impeachment trial