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If You Like The Idea Of An Ontario Blockbuster Video Museum You Need To Sign This Petition

Be kind, rewind. There’s an abandoned Blockbuster Video in Ontario and a petition is going around to turn the old video rental store into an official heritage site.

Situated between Owen Sound and the Georgian Bluffs lies one of the last intact Blockbusters in the world.

A petition, addressed at the Township of the Georgian Bluffs, aims to transform this empty building into a museum where we can all wrap ourselves in magnetic tape (VHS or beta!) and bask in the warm glow of cathode ray tubes and memories of our misspent childhoods.

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The throwback of all throwbacks

“This site is of great importance to millions of people across the globe who grew up with this icon,” says Andrew Stuart in his petition, which currently has about 600 signatures and is looking for just 1,000.

“Imagine getting to share the magic of Blockbuster with future generations by keeping this potential museum intact.”

The store, for those who know about it, is already a bit of a pit stop, attracting road trippers with fond memories of strolling aisles instead of swiping Netflix suggestions.

So if renting movies from Blockbuster really takes you back, then a visit to the iconic store might be in order for your next day trip. And if you’re also passionate about preserving it, be sure to check out the petition here.

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