The 'Bones Day' Game Is Taking The Internet By Storm & Noodle The Pug Is Your New Horoscope

Say goodbye to astrology — your new daily guidance comes in the form of a chunky 13-year-old pug named Noodle and whether he's having a "Bones Day" or a "No Bones Day."

The TikTok videos of Noodle playing "No Bones" are exploding around the internet right now (even making their way to the Pentagon and the Today Show) as more and more people use this floppy pug as a predictor for how the day is going to go.

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If owner Jonathan Graziano picks Noodle up from bed and the pug can stand up when he gets put down, it's officially a "Bones Day" — which means it's time to treat yourself, take initiative and be productive.

But if — as often is the case — Noodle collapses in a heap, then the day is officially a "No Bones Day" and a complete write-off. Avoid conflict, Graziano advises, stay in bed and just generally take it easy.

Noodle's popularity is growing, with TikTok views in the millions and his own Twitter account that also gets thousands of likes on tweets like "No bones today. Let your boss know."

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One TikToker shared an anecdote of being on the phone with a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Navy beginning a briefing by saying they weren't sure if it was a Bones Day or not. Noodle has even made an appearance on the Today Show, letting America know it was, in fact, a Bones Day on Wednesday, October 20.

So thank you, Noodle, and good luck today, everyone, and may you reap the benefits that a Bones Day brings.

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