Alberta Is Making It Easier To Get Your Driver's Licence & It Could Also Save You Money

It's a big change!

Calgary Staff Writer
Calgary road.

Calgary road.

Alberta is making changes to how graduated driver's licences work, and the good news is that the changes will also save Albertans some money.

The Alberta Government announced it would drop the advanced road test currently required for drivers to get their Class 5 or Class 6 driver's licences starting spring 2023.

Under current rules, drivers must make it through a two-year probationary period before they can take a second advanced test to get their full Class 5 licence, which costs around $150.

From next year on, Albertans will have to successfully complete a 24-month probationary period, and they will automatically qualify for their full Class 5 or 6 licence instead of paying to do a secondary test.

Drivers with graduated licences must "have no suspensions or traffic violations within their last 12 months of probation," and there will be "zero tolerance" for any drug or alcohol consumption while driving, the government said.

Any drivers that show "poor driving behaviours" and face demerits or tickets for unsafe driving offences in the final year of their probation will have it extended for an additional year.

However, drivers could reduce their probationary period by up to six months if they complete an approved driver training course.

Drivers looking to get a Class 4 licence, which is needed to transport passengers in a taxi, ride-share vehicles and small busses, will no longer need an additional road test, but they will have to take an enhanced knowledge test and driver medical and vision test.

Around 700,000 drivers in the province qualify to take their advanced test, but the government said around 65% of drivers didn't take an advanced test in the last five years.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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