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This Alberta Sunflower Maze Has Blooms For Days & You Can Get Lost In The Flowers

You can even pick your own veggies there!

Someone at Bowden SunMaze. Right: Some in the sunflower fields at Bowden SunMaze.

Someone at Bowden SunMaze. Right: Some in the sunflower fields at Bowden SunMaze.


Does there sound like a more perfect summer afternoon than wandering through fields that are bursting at the seams with sunflowers? Didn't think so.

Bowden SunMaze is a huge 10-acre plot at Eagle Creek Farms, and it's just over an hour's drive from Calgary. Load up the car, grab your besties and take a summer day trip where you can spend hours walking between rows and rows of stunning golden flowers.

As you work your way through the maze, there'll be plenty of opportunities to snap some gorgeous shots of over 100,000 towering sunflowers, which are usually in full bloom in August.

To help you snap the best selfies possible, the fields are also open for extended hours on Thursdays and Fridays until 30 min after sunset so you can take full advantage of golden hour.

Not only is there a sunflower maze, but the farm also hosts a corn maze, a tree maze and even a deceptively difficult patio maze so puzzle lovers rejoice.

Admission to the sunflower fields costs $11 but once you are there, you can wander around for as long as you like.

As well as taking on the mazes, there are also gardens where you can take some time to pick your own flowers and veggies including carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, peas and beans.

If you're a flower fan, you can also check out this Japanese garden in southern Alberta that's bursting with blooms, or this relaxing secret garden in Banff that's the perfect way to escape the busy town.

Bowden SunMaze

Price: Adult tickets start from $11.

When: Early August (exact date TBA)

Address: 34530 Range Road14, Red Deer County, AB

Why You Need To Go: Spend an afternoon wandering around this huge sunflower maze and make sure to snap plenty of photos too.


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