Calgary Police Helped Save A Skunk From A 'Jarring Situation' & Didn't Even Get Sprayed

"Something definitely didn't smell right."

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Calgary Police Helped Save A Skunk From A 'Jarring Situation' & Didn't Even Get Sprayed

Police officers are used to dealing with all kinds of sticky situations, but this interaction between a pair of Calgary police officers and a skunk has really taken the cake.

According to the Calgary Police Service, officers were called to a home in Taradale on Wednesday, September 22 after a homeowner spotted a skunk in what officials described as a "jarring situation."

The critter had been seen wandering around the homeowner's backyard with what looked like a glass container stuck on its head.

While police aren't usually the first to call for these types of situations, officials said the homeowners had reached out after several organizations and pest control companies failed to come through.

Once on scene, two constables located the skunk and devised a plan to help free it without getting sprayed themselves.

Lucky for them, the skunk had been trapped on the homeowner's back deck, unable to get down the steps. Eventually, it was so tired that it just stayed put as the officers came closer.

One of the officers used a large blanket as a shield while the other successfully pulled the jar off the skunk's head. And by some miracle, the skunk didn't even spray once the jar came off. It just looked at the officers and wandered away back into an alley.

Police poked fun at the situation afterwards saying that "officers never really know what kind of calls they will get in a night, but something definitely didn't smell right when they got this one."

Emily Silva
Staff Writer
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