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Another video of an adorable skunk rescue near Toronto has made its way to the forefront of the internet. This time, two paramedics saved one of the animals which had got its head stuck in a Tim Hortons cup!

As Katelyn Knaap and Mary Schermel drove home after finishing one of their shifts late last week, they saw what they thought might be an injured animal, according to BarrieToday.

Turns out, it wasn't so much injured as just stuck in a Tim Hortons cup! But we don't think it was enjoying its double-double as much as some people do. The paramedic pair were able to put on their PPE and free the animal.

This kind of uber-Canadian thing happens more often than you may think. Just a few months ago, Toronto Animal Services had to rescue a skunk from a McFlurry container.

Earlier this month, local animals stories hit peak as a raccoon made itself comfortable on a woman's couch. You can't get more Toronto than that.

Via Barrie Today

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