It's the season of the witch! It seems Canada has gotten its fair share of magic this year and the latest comes from a Canadian MP's witch shoutout in Parliament. 

From a witches coven paddle boarding in one province, to the Witch’s Broom Nebula making an appearance in the galaxy, and getting a crash course on the legalities of pretending to be a witch, it has been a magical month. 

Why not add a few more witchy things to the roaster?

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To all the witches out there, keep rockin’ it, blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween MP Michelle Rempel Garner

Michelle Rempel Garner, Calgary Nosehill MP, used her allocated speech time to talk about witches in a very touching tribute on Friday.

"Throughout the course of history, women have been burned at the stake and tortured for being witches,” she said. "In reality, they were herbalists, midwives or just too independent for the patriarchy’s liking."

She also added that although women are not actually burned at the stake today, they are still not taken seriously when speaking about the abuse they endure and are still punished when they "speak truth to power." 

She shared the tributed on her Twitter as well, telling witches to keep rocking it! 

Rempel Garner has spoken up in the past regarding this issue, most recently when pushing for a bill that would see to it that judges take sexual assault sensitivity training, according to CTV News.