One of Calgary's most epic viewpoints is where no one's looking. The historic Centre Street Bridge in Calgary is actually a tremendous spot to catch dazzling views of the skyline and river. The bridge should be your go-to lookout if you're looking to fall in love with the YYC all over again. 

You might be more used to leaving the city to see the loveliest nature scenes in the province. But in this case, you have to venture to the downtown's core to find this special spot. 

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The upper deck of the Centre Street Bridge is a beloved destination among locals. With the Bow River flowing right underneath and the city's skyline sparkling nearby, it's a guaranteed magical experience. 

Whereas the lower deck of the bridge is only for vehicles and is a great route to take if you want to check out the scintillating lights of Calgary's brightest buildings. 

Because it's such a popular space, you will need to make sure you plan ahead and pick a time where you won't be surrounded by people left and right. 

You could perhaps visit during a morning jog or after a long day of shopping downtown. Late-night strolls are a completely enchanting experience on their own. 

The lower deck links up Chinatown's Riverfront Avenue with Memorial Drive, whereas the upper deck will take you into the neighbourhood of Crescent Heights. 

A key thing to note about the lower deck is that it's far narrower than the upper. Vehicles have known to get stuck in there, according to CBC News

So if you're driving through, be super careful. Thankfully, warning signs will be placed at the bridge to remind you. 

But if you want to stand and take your time in admiring the serene Bow river and take a million photos with the Calgary's downtown scene as the backdrop, head to the upper deck. 

If you're a fan of urban metropolitan architecture, this is your time to take notes. 

Another magnificent aspect of the bridge is that it's a paradise for history buffs. Having been constructed over 100 years ago, the Centre Street Bridge's arch pavilions were fitted with three mind-blowing lion statues. 

Over the years, the original statues were replaced with replicas. According to My Calgary, the lions would escape the arch in the middle of the night to haunt nearby Chinatown in search of prey. 

There's nothing quite like a spooky myth surrounding a well-known local destination. 

Whether you're a fan of historical structure, city day trips or the best locations for some river viewing, the lower deck of the bridge will have something in it for you. 

Lower Deck Of Calgary's Centre Street Bridge

Address: Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: To savour some incredible views of Calgary's skyline without the hustle and bustle of the upper deck.