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There's A Famous Cowboy Restaurant Hidden In The Tiniest Albertan Town Near Calgary

It's even been featured on the Food Network. 🤠

Giddy-up! If you've been wanting to travel back in time to the Wild West era, look no further. Chuckwagon Cafe in Alberta is a place where you can fulfill all your country dreams and then some. 

There's a reason why Alberta is known as the "Texas of Canada." There's the oil boom, the massive amount of farmland, the Calgary Stampede, and now this adorable cowboy restaurant that's literally inside a barn. 

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There are a lot of small-town treasures hidden in Alberta that are just waiting to be discovered. This particular restaurant is in Turner Valley. 

It's an hour southwest of Calgary, so you can leave and be back in the city in no time. For Edmontonians, the drive is about three and a half hours. 

Once you see a bright red barn with a white trim, you know you've reached your destination. The restaurant is on a road that's unofficially called Cowboy Trail.

The Wild West vibes are so real you'll question whether you're really in 2020. 

From the old-timey road directions to the Western-style font on the board, it's a country lover's paradise. The interior decor of the restaurant is just as classic, don't you worry. 

The wooden walls and furniture keep the atmosphere cozy and warm, even when the harsh Alberta winters come around. 

As for their menu, you'll be able to eat a whole bunch of epic, greasy food at this joint. 

From different types of pancakes and french toast to the mouth-watering burgers and melts, the food will have you reaching for your stretchy pants. 

Their Breakfast Bennies are actually so popular and beloved that they've been featured on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here. 

There are three different types of Bennies: the basic Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon Benedict, and the Flat Iron Steak Eggs Benedict. You can get either the small or the large option for each dish. 

They're between $13.95 and $18.95. 

There's also a distillery at the back of the restaurant, where you can fill up on liquor to get the full country experience. 

All in all, you're in for a wonderful day in the middle of Alberta that will leave you feeling very appreciative of the province you live in. 

Chuckwagon Café

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: North American

Address: 105 Sunset Blvd N.W., Turner Valley, AB

Why You Need To Go: To get a pure country experience at a restaurant hidden inside a barn in Alberta.