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You Can Buy An Entire Old West Town In Alberta (VIDEO)

I'm the Sheriff 'round these parts. 🤠
Town For Sale In Alberta Is A Wild West Village & You Could Be The Sheriff
Staff Writer

Do you love watching West World? Well, this one of a kind place for sale looks just like the television show. You could be the sheriff of this here wild west town for sale in Alberta. All you need is the stetson hat. 

Sierra West Cabins And Ranch in Lundbeck could be yours. The southwestern vacation rental in the Canadian Rockies has welcomed guests for years who wanted to feel like cowboys.

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But now the mini-village is up for grabs. It is entirely up to you if you want to take over the business and rent it out.

The current owners even offer to help you out at the start. Or you could repurpose it however you want, perhaps have each of your friends move into one of the many homes.

The property comes with 150 acres of space and the photo-worthy "Cowtown."

There you'll have your saloon, cantina, commercial kitchen to cook for a crowd, trading post, barn and horse riding area. Thankfully, no pesky outlaws come included.

Of course, a village wouldn't be complete without people, and there is no shortage of beds. 

There are two log cabins with a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and sleeping space. One sleeps six and the other seven people.

Along with three slightly smaller dwellings with a kitchenette and living area. Each one has room for four people.

Over the garage, you'll also find another studio apartment with a separate entrance. 

These currently rent out for $135 to $225 a night, and you could undoubtedly charge a similar price on Airbnb.

[rebelmouse-image 25993529 alt="wild west for sale in alberta" photo_credit="Property Guys" expand=1 original_size="1918x1078"] Property Guys

Plus, there the main 3-bedroom house. It has everything you could want, including a home office, finished basement games room with a wet bar, and an indoor hot tub.

This listing is truly one of a kind, so make sure to put in an offer ASAP if you want to call it home. It is priced at $2,150,000.

Sierra West Cabins & Ranch

Price: $2,150,000

Address: 9218 Hwy. 22, Lundbeck, AB

Description: Just picture how cool it would be to run your own town. 

[rebelmouse-image 25993530 alt="wild west for sale in alberta" photo_credit="Property Guys" expand=1 original_size="2000x1500"] Property Guys

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