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'Schitt's Creek's' Annie Murphy Is Obsessed With The Butter Tarts At This Ontario Bakery

They're so damn good that she can't stay away! 😍

Holy Schitt, we need to try these butter tarts ASAP. Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy just gave a serious shoutout to a small town bakery in Goodwood, Ontario during an interview with Seth Meyers earlier this month. Overcome with nostalgia, Murphy says she took a trip back to the old Schitts Creek stomping grounds for a special treat.

While discussing her first Emmy nomination on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Murphy admits butter tart cravings drew her back to the small town where parts of the show were filmed.

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"It was not my finest moment," Murphy confessed.

"I was getting a little stir-crazy and nostalgic and I was like, I’m going to take a little drive, I’m going to go to Goodwood... There’s a bakery in Goodwood called Annina’s, which is the best bakery."

Murphy goes on to share her love for the pastries from Annina’s, but not before explaining the glory of the butter tart to her non-Canadian interviewer.

For superfans, Goodwood has become a bit of a hot spot. So, it’s no surprise that while walking through the town, a car full of ladies pulled up yelling "Alexis?!"

Butter tarts are delicious as they are, but at Annina's, you can get all kinds of mouth-watering twists on the classic treat.

From espresso butter tarts to butter tarts with a chocolate almond fudge center, and so many more.

It's no wonder Murphy couldn't stay away from this place.

Dan Levy also likes to treat himself to Canadian classics. He recently showed off his Tim Hortons order, which looked like an Iced Capp.

In total, this Candian gem of a show is up for 15 well-deserved Emmys.

But really, who needs a golden award when you can sink your teeth into golden butter tarts instead?