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You Could Run Your Very Own Canadian Town From This Ridiculous $8M Ontario Estate

Move over Schitt’s Creek, there’s a new town for sale and we’re already dreaming of taking over. This gorgeous Ontario estate for sale has basically everything you'd need to run your own mini village. From cottages to a drive-in theatre, restaurants, and more, this breathtaking place is full of potential. 

As incredible as all of that sounds, with a price tag of nearly $8 million, all we’ll be doing is dreaming about this incredible property. 

But what a great dream it is.

Located on 200 acres of lush land in Canfield, Ontario, The Canfield Estate originally operated as a working farm.

Today, it features over 14 different buildings and structures including a covered outdoor pavilion where you could sip drinks in the evening.

There's also a rustic drive-in theatre that projects onto the barn wall.

You’ll also find an adorable '50s-style diner on-site that will take you back to the Greased Lightning days.

Inside, the Canadiana vibes are all around and it’s absolutely dreamy. 

The main lodge has a commercial-grade kitchen and temperature-controlled wine and cigar rooms so you could enjoy the fanciest dining right at home.

Whimsical woodlands, meadows, streams, and ponds surround this breathtaking property and it’s like having your own natural wonderland. 

Wyatt Mckeil | Century 21

If you wanted to share the beauty, you could easily rent out the various cozy cabins on the land. 

We imagine it would be pretty hard to get bored of staying home if you lived here.

Wyatt Mckeil | Century 21

But just in case, the property is conveniently located close to Toronto and Niagara Falls so you could hit the town whenever you feel like it.

There are a total of 17 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms, and 5 half bathrooms on-site, meaning you could sleep in a different room every night for over two weeks.

Wyatt Mckeil | Century 21

And while this elaborate estate might not fit the bill for affordable Ontario homes for sale, it certainly checks off every box on our dream house list. 

All it needs is an apothecary.

Canfield Estate

Price: $7,990,000

Address: Canfield, ON

Description: You could practically own your own town with this gorgeous Ontario estate for sale.

Wyatt Mckeil | Century 21

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