This Easy 5km Kananaskis Hike Takes You To A Hidden Lake In The Forest With Mountain Views

It's almost hiking season! ⛰️

Cheryl on the Black Prince Cirque hike. Right: The view at Warspite Lake.

Cheryl on the Black Prince Cirque hike. Right: The view at Warspite Lake.

If you're already dreaming of summer days exploring the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, there are so many easy Alberta hikes to get you started.

This 5-kilometre hike in Kananaskis hike has a bit of everything, incredible views of the mountains, a beautiful green forest and a practically mirror-like lake.

Black Prince Cirque in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is just under two hours drive from Calgary so it's the perfect mountain day trip.

The trail to Warspite Lake only has 182-metres of elevation, according to All Trails, so it's not too steep for hiking novices but even though it's relatively easy, you'll still get plenty of photo ops.

While the hike itself only takes around an hour and 30 minutes, you could spend plenty of time hanging around by the lake as it's the perfect spot to enjoy a snack and take in those views.

Black Prince Cirque's trailhead is also the starting point for another hike which takes you to Blackshale Suspension Bridge so you could pack in a full day of hiking in the area.

Black Prince Cirque Trail

Address: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country, AB.

Why You Need To Go: This easy trail in Kananaskis is a perfect way to get back into summer hiking. You'll be surrounded by forests as you follow the trail before reaching a stunning glass-like lake.


Charlie Hart
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