This 8-km Kananaskis Hike Takes You To 2 Stunning Lakes With Turquoise & Emerald Water

Hiking season is almost here!

Someone standing on a rock at Rawson Lake. Right: Someone at Rawson Lake.

Someone standing on a rock at Rawson Lake. Right: Someone at Rawson Lake.

We're on the countdown to summer and if you're already planning your hiking adventures, there's another gorgeous trail to add to your list.

The Rawson Lake Trail is a moderate out-and-back trail according to AllTrails, but it gives you stunning views of not one but two gorgeous lakes.

It's also around an hour and 45 minutes from Calgary, making it the perfect day trip.

The hike starts off around the lakeshore of the enormous Upper Kananaskis Lake, with its bright turquoise water and views for miles and miles.

You'll turn off at a wooden bridge over Sarrail Creek before the hard work starts with a steady incline and switchbacks surrounded by forests as you make your way to up to Rawson Lake.

However, it's worth the effort. The stunning emerald-green lake is the perfect place to cool off mid-hike. The spot has incredible views.

You could even take a quick dip if you're brave enough.

This hike is perfect if you're looking to take your hiking game up a notch — you'll definitely be rewarded with the views.

However, if you're looking for a beginner-friendly hike, this popular Kananaskis spot is set to reopen this spring. There are also tons of easy hikes to try through Banff, Kananaskis and Jasper.

Rawson Lake

Address: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country, AB.

Why You Need To Go: This 8-kilometre hike has stunning lake views. As you approach Rawson Lake, you'll see gorgeous emerald green water surrounded by incredible mountains and alpine forests.


Charlie Hart
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