This Alberta Lake Was Named One Of The Most Scenic In North America & It's Easy To See Why

Some other Canadian lakes made the list, too! 😍

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone canoeing on Moraine Lake. Right: Moraine Lake.

Someone canoeing on Moraine Lake. Right: Moraine Lake.

Alberta has no shortage of incredible lakes and some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in the world, but one spot, in particular, has proven to be a hit with travellers.

Travelbag, a company that specializes in long-haul travel, shared a ranking of some of the most scenic lakes in North America and Moraine Lake was the only Alberta spot to crack the top 10.

The company ranked the lakes by using the number of times it was posted on Instagram and viewed on TikTok, with Lake Tahoe in the U.S. coming in first place.

Other Canadian lakes including Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario and Huron took the third, fourth, fifth and sixth spots.

For Albertans, Moraine Lake being so popular with visitors is not a surprise but what is a shock is that it's the only spot in Alberta to make the list. Sorry, Lake Louise!

Moraine Lake is a must-see for those travelling around Banff and its also a super popular spot to watch the sunrise over mountain peaks and its sparkling blue water.

The lakeshore is also a great place to set out on a hike, with tons of equally stunning trails to check out including Larch Valley and Consolation Lakes.

Is Moraine Lake Open in 2023?

If you want to visit Moraine Lake, the good news is it will be open later this year. Moraine Lake Road, the road up to the lake shore, usually opens in June and will remain open until mid-October.

However, Parks Canada recently announced that new rules would be in place this year which means personal vehicles will no longer be able to drive to the lakeshore.

Instead, you'll need to book travel with Parks Canada shuttle, Roam Public Transit, or a Parks Canada-approved commercial transit operator.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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