A Couple Got Married At The Canada-US Border So Both Their Families Could Attend

An unconventional but memorable wedding!
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Getting Married At The Border Is How This Couple Got Creative With Their Pandemic Wedding

If you want to have a wedding during a pandemic, you're going to have to do it differently. Getting married at the border is how this Canadian-American couple got creative with their nuptials. That allowed both families to be there for the special day.

Kadee Jensen's wedding was a little unconventional and not what she had planned but she told Narcity that it ended up being a blessing for her.

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She lives in Alberta now but is actually from the U.S. and her family still lives there.

So, when the pandemic hit and the border was closed to non-essential travel, her wedding plans were left up in the air.

"We never thought it would last this long," she said.

Originally, the ceremony was supposed to take place in June. That's what the bride planned after getting engaged in March.

However, that changed because of the pandemic.

"At first we just joked about getting married at the border. Then we started to ask questions," Jensen said.

Once all the proper permissions were obtained from the landowners and border patrol, everything started falling into place.

"We kind of thought that we'd never be able to get married with all of our family around," she said.

Even though it was a trying time, the then-bride-to-be actually had fun planning a wedding at the border.

"To see my family at the border crossing was a great blessing," Jensen said.

Her family was on the other side of the barbed-wire border fence in Montana while her husband Jaxon's family was on the Alberta side with them.

The bride even got to walk down the aisle holding her father's hand through the fence.

Both families were supportive of the plan to tie the knot between the countries — they thought it was a fun thing to do.

[rebelmouse-image 25988894 photo_credit="Kadee Jensen | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="1000x1250"] Kadee Jensen | Facebook

The ceremony was in a field near the Del Bonita Border Crossing in Alberta.

Jensen got permission from the Canadian side and the American side of the crossing.

She expressed deep gratitude that she and her husband were allowed to say their I Do's in front of their families.

During the pandemic, Canadian-American couples have been meeting at the border for dates and at Peace Arch Park, which spans from Washington into B.C.

However, the park has since been closed because so many people were going there.

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