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This Drool-Worthy Ice Cream Festival Is Coming To Calgary & It's The Perfect Start To Summer

Which flavour do you want to try? 🍦

Someone with ice cream. Right: A chocolate funfetti ice cream.

Someone with ice cream. Right: A chocolate funfetti ice cream.

@notogelato | Instagram | Courtesy of Calgary Meals On Wheels

If you ever need an excuse to eat ice cream every day, there's a pretty sweet reason to now. The YYC Scoop Fest is coming to Calgary and the event is raising money for Calgary Meals On Wheels. Plus, there are some wild new flavours in town.

The festival – which is by the same team as the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest – is set to take place from June 25 until July 3, and you'll be able to try specially created ice cream treats from some of the city's best spots.

From chocolate funfetti at Milk, to your pick of gelato served over a shot of Italian espresso at Amato Gelato, there are some delicious flavours to get your hands on.

Righteous Gelato is also bringing out a Campfire S'Mores edition for the event and Noto Gelato has Key Lime Pie on the menu.

Holy Cow has opted for milk and cookies while Lina's is selling its take on the classic Italian flavour combination of strawberry and pistachio.

When you purchase one of the Scoop Fest offerings, you can pick up a summer passport to keep track of what you've tried. Once you've tasted them all, you'll be able to hand in your passport to be entered into a prize draw too.

It shouldn't take you much convincing to grab an ice cream or two, but $1 from each scoop will be donated to Calgary Meals On Wheels, while $2 will be donated from every pint sold.

This nine-day festival is one you won't want to miss.

YYC Scoop Fest

When: June 25 - July 3, 2022.

Why You Need To Go: You can try six delicious ice cream treats at this nine-day festival. It's an extra sweet way to kick-start your summer.


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