Canada Just Reported 423 New Cases Of COVID-19 & A Quarter Of Them Were In 1 Province

Spoiler alert: it wasn't Ontario or Quebec!
New COVID-19 Cases In Canada Were At 423 & A Quarter Of Them Were In 1 Province
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While some places reported zero new instances of the virus, the country's case count is still in the hundreds. The number of new COVID-19 cases in Canada was over 400 and a quarter of them were in just one province. It may be surprising but it wasn't Ontario or Quebec.

Canada puts out statistics on the pandemic situation in the country every day.

As of August 12 at 7:00 p.m. ET, there were 423 new cases of COVID-19 reported that day throughout the country.

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The province with the most of those was Alberta with 121. That's more than a quarter of the total new cases for the day.

There were 95 new cases reported in both Ontario and Quebec, 85 in B.C., 16 in Manitoba, five in Saskatchewan and P.E.I., one in New Brunswick and zero in the other provinces and territories.

When you combine the new cases reported on August 12 in Alberta and B.C., it equals to 206.

That means just under half of the country's cases for the day were in the west.

For all of Canada, there are 120,844 total cases, 9,006 deaths and 107,148 recoveries as of August 12.

More than 4,500,000 people have been tested for the virus with only 2.5% getting positive results back.

Recently the daily new case counts have been all over the place.

There were 423 new ones on August 12.

On August 11 there were 289 reported and then on August 10, there were 681.

Over the last several weeks, the daily average has been between 350 and 500.

Dr. Theresa Tam said in a statement that transmission has increased as reopenings have gotten further along.

"Case counts peaked in late April and early May at close to 1,800 cases reported daily and then declined steadily reaching a low of 270 cases per day in early July," Dr. Tam said.

On August 12, B.C.'s active case count was the highest it had been since May 11 with 472 people battling the virus.

In Ontario, a new cluster of cases occurred from a group of people who visited a resort and restaurant in cottage country.

11 people in the group tested positive and though they didn't have symptoms at the time, contact tracing is being done to see if anyone there was exposed.

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