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“Ring Of Fire” Weather In Calgary Will Bring Serious Heat & Thunderstorms This Summer

Get ready for a memorable summer, Calgary. “Ring of fire” weather in Calgary is predicted for this summer which means we will be experiencing both heat waves and thunderstorms. It may seem a little intense but let's just be thankful it’s not snowing anymore. 

Alberta is no stranger to bizarre and unpredictable weather. 

Our province was even in the running for one of the coldest places on Earth this winter. 

We have since moved on from the chilly temperatures and we are now heading into the warmer double digits. 

The Old Farmer’s Almanac announced that Canada will be having a hot and rainy summer

CBC News spoke with Kyle Brittain, the Calgary bureau chief for the Weather Network, who called the upcoming weather pattern a “ring of fire.”

A ring of fire took place back in August 2019 in the United States and The Weather Channel reported that it included “searing heat waves” and periods of rain and thunderstorms. 

While The Weather Channel admits that this isn’t a formal weather term, it’s sometimes used by metrologists to describe summertime weather. 

CBC News has reported that rings of fire happen when sinking air meets a “dominant ridge of high pressure near the Rockies.” This then creates a heat dome which causes more thunderstorms. 

In terms of rain, be ready to take out those rain boots later in the summer. Alberta is predicted to see a lot of rain in August with levels reaching 50mm above normal, according to the long term weather forecast.

But don’t worry too much, it won't be all rain and storm clouds, we can enjoy some sunshine and heat, too.

While heatwaves are likely, summer will be coming to an end earlier than usual for Alberta. 

Cooler temperatures are expected to creep back in by the end of August. 

This means you will have to get in all your summer adventures while the weather is still hot and things are dry. 

The Farmer’s Almanac says that the long-range forecast for the prairies this summer will be hot with some scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout June and July. 

In June, the average temperature is expected to be 17.5 C with July seeing average highs of 19.5 C. 

The summer weather for Calgary is all over the map so be prepared to see it all. 

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