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This $1.4M 'Hobbit House' Near Calgary Is Up For Sale For The First Time Ever (PHOTOS)

The Middle-earth home you didn't know you needed.
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This $1.4M 'Hobbit House' Near Calgary Is Up For Sale For The First Time Ever (PHOTOS)

Lord of the Rings is a favourite amongst many and now, you’re about to get one step closer to living that fantasy. For the first time ever, a hobbit home near Calgary is for sale and it’s way too cute. Hidden in a secluded area, it’s the perfect place if you’re looking to get away from everyone. 

If you’re in the market for a new home, we have the perfect thing for you. 

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And no, it’s not some over the top mansion

This hidden hideaway is classified as a “hobbit house.”

Situated on 160 acres of land with views of the Rocky Mountains, this 1,036 square foot home was built in 1971. 

The architecture is nothing like you’ve ever seen before as it’s built into the side of a rock. 

Built by Rodney Touche, the unique home is so hidden that the rooftop is covered in grass. 

In fact, when you look at an aerial view of the home, the only reason you can tell where it is because of the massive patio. 

Equipped with one bedroom and two bathrooms, this place is definitely meant for solo living. 

[rebelmouse-image 25991089 photo_credit="Michael Kingston | CIR Realty" expand=1 original_size="612x335"] Michael Kingston | CIR Realty

That means you may have to come up with the $1,400,000 on your own. At least there’s always the lottery

The home itself is uniquely built and has winding narrow hallways. 

With the stone and concrete inside, it gives us serious Greece vibes and we can totally get behind that. 

[rebelmouse-image 25991090 photo_credit="Michael Kingston | CIR Realty" expand=1 original_size="614x396"] Michael Kingston | CIR Realty

Every space of the house is utilized and there are even several beds placed inside the walls for when guests come to visit. 

Because of the design, all the windows are on one side of the home but don’t worry, they’re huge and the natural light filters in everywhere. 

[rebelmouse-image 25991091 photo_credit="Michael Kingston | CIR Realty" expand=1 original_size="299x454"] Michael Kingston | CIR Realty

Outside the house has a massive patio that can be used for literally anything.  

While the house is amazing you’ll need to be prepared to say goodbye to city life. 

The views will be worth it and knowing that you’re just a short 20-minute drive from Calgary is an added bonus.

[rebelmouse-image 25991092 photo_credit="Michael Kingston | CIR Realty" expand=1 original_size="619x414"] Michael Kingston | CIR Realty

[rebelmouse-image 25991093 photo_credit="Michael Kingston | CIR Realty" expand=1 original_size="620x410"] Michael Kingston | CIR Realty

The home was originally developed as a space that would host events with friends and family. Once you take a gander at the place it’s easy to see why. 

The open concept living and round walls make it incredibly inviting and designed for quality time. 

In case you needed more reason to consider purchasing this home, there are also tennis courts on site which are in good enough condition to use.

The home was just put on the market for the first time since it was built. It was just listed on Monday, June 29, so if you’re interested you may want to get it before it’s gone. 

Calgary Hobbit Home

Price: $1,400,000

Address: 258229 144 St. W., Millarville, AB

Description: You can finally live out all your Middle-earth dreams but with way more luxury. 

View Here

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