We Asked Calgary Locals How Much They Actually Tip & People Are Surprisingly Generous

Way to go, Calgary!

Calgary Staff Writer
Card terminal for terminal at a café in Calgary.

Card terminal for terminal at a café in Calgary.

With the rising cost of living, tipping in Canada – and whether we should be tipping at all – has become a pretty contentious issue, with some arguing that tipping culture is out of control.

In an Instagram Q&A, we decided to ask Calgary locals about how much they choose to tip. Maybe it's down to that mountain air, but compared to other cities, Cowtown residents were on the generous side.

Experts have weighed in and suggested that if you're eating in a restaurant in Canada, you should be prepared tipping between 15 and 20%

So if you're curious to know how Calgarians stack up, here's what locals said.

The lowest anyone tipped was 10%

Surprisingly, not one single person admitted to not tipping. Instead, 10% was the lowest tip amount Calgarians said they give.

Others instead opted for a dollar amount, rather than a percentage of the bill and they said it usually varies between $5 and $10. One person added that it depends on the service.

Most hovered in the middle

While tipping tends to be on a sliding scale as to how great the service is, most Calgarians said they hovered at around the 15% mark.

While one person said they tip between 12% and 15%, most opted for 15% or higher.

Some would tip up to 23%

Some Calgarians took their gratuity to the next level and said they usually pay upwards from 18% to 20%.

"Minimum 15%, up to 23% if the service is really good," one person commented.

It seems like Albertans have this tipping thing down.

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Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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