This Quiz Tells You Whether Or Not You're Allowed To Travel To Canada Right Now

International students, Canadians or tourists can find out their eligibility!

Can I Enter Canada? This Quiz Says If You're Allowed To Travel Here
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Now that new travel rules are in effect, you might be wondering, "Can I enter Canada?" Luckily, there's a quiz that will help you figure out exactly that.

This questionnaire put out by the federal government is meant to give you an answer for many reasons you might be entering the country, although the final decision will be made by a government official at a port of entry.

You have to answer questions about where you're from, whether or not you have COVID-19 symptoms, how you plan on entering Canada and what your reason for coming into the country is. Depending on the options you select, you might have to answer a few more questions, too.

Once you're done, you'll be told whether you can't enter Canada even if you have tested negative for COVID-19 or have received a vaccine, you can't enter at all, you'll likely be allowed to enter, or you can enter Canada.

If you're eligible to come into the country, you can see if you're exempt from quarantine as part of Canada's new travel rules that took effect on July 5.

To skip quarantine, you have to be eligible to enter the country and you have to be fully vaccinated. That means having received the full series of COVID-19 vaccines that are approved in Canada, with the last dose received at least 14 days prior to entering the country and with uploaded proof of vaccination in the ArriveCAN app.

How to prove you're fully vaccinated

In the ArriveCAN app, you can prove your vaccination status by entering details about your first dose like which vaccine you received, when it was administered and where.

The same information needs to be added for your second dose if the vaccine you received requires two doses.

You also need to upload a photo or PDF of your vaccination record that you got after receiving a dose.

That record needs to be in English or French. If it's in another language, you need to upload a certified translation into either English or French.

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