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Time Is Running Out To Send Your Packages Through Canada Post Before Christmas

PSA: One of the deadlines is today!
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Canada Post Holiday Deadlines For 2020 Are Just Days Away For Certain Parcels & Locations

If you're sending packages this year, some of the Canada Post holiday deadlines for 2020 are just days away!

While the national parcel delivery company is processing mail around the clock because of increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there could still be delays.

Following deadlines is key to helping make sure your gifts or holiday cards arrive on time.

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December 16 last day to ship regular parcels nationally

For regular parcels that are going somewhere nationally, you should ship them between December 9 and December 16.

Regional regular parcels should be mailed between December 15 and December 17.

If you're using a flat rate box and sending something nationally, you should get that done between December 11 and December 18.

A flat rate box lets you ship items up to five kilograms anywhere in Canada.

For anyone sending out cards, December 18 is the deadline if they're going somewhere national.

That's also the last day to send stuff nationally with Xpresspost.

If you'll be sending packages with FedEx Canada, there are also shipping deadlines to be aware of!

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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