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Here’s When To Ship Your FedEx Packages So Your Gifts Actually Arrive On Time

There are different deadlines across Canada!
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FedEx Canada Christmas Shipping Deadlines For 2020 Are Here So That Gifts Arrive On Time

You might need to figure out when to send gifts by mail this year. FedEx Canada's Christmas shipping deadlines for 2020 have been unwrapped and some are pretty early. If you're sending packages to loved ones or ordering gifts online, this is something to keep an eye on!

Canadians are also being urged to shop early this year by FedEx because there are "record-breaking shipping levels."

That, coupled with a shorter window to make sure packages arrive before the holidays, could mean delays.

Canada Post has also asked everyone to shop sooner rather than later but the parcel delivery company has its own shipping deadlines.

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When are the deadlines for FedEx deliveries within Canada?

To make sure that packages get to your door before December 25 for deliveries within Canada, there are a couple of deadlines to keep in mind whether you're sending things yourself or shopping online with domestic retailers that use this shipping company.

With FedEx Ground, which is the most affordable option, the last day to ship to most metropolitan areas is December 15.

For the Economy option, the magic date is December 21. However, the last day to ship from western provinces, including Thunder Bay, Ontario and the surrounding area, to Atlantic provinces is December 18.

The 2Day delivery shipping deadline is December 22 and a day earlier, December 21, for packages going from the west to the east.

For the First Overnight option, it's December 23 and then December 22 from western provinces to Atlantic Canada.

Last year, it was projected that up to 20% of deliveries during the holidays would be late with Canada's biggest cities being hit the hardest.

When is the last day to ship from Canada to the U.S.?

If you have loved ones in the U.S. and still want to send gifts, there are three deadlines for you to be aware of.

The last day to ship with the International Ground option is December 14.

The deadline is December 22 for International Economy.

For both the International First and International Priority deliveries, packages need to be sent by December 23 to arrive by Christmas Day.

What about other parts of the world?

If you're sending packages from other parts of the world, FedEx's shipping deadlines for Christmas vary depending on the region.

For select cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, the deadlines are December 18 for International Economy and December 22 for International First and International Priority options.

The same goes for the Middle East and Africa.

For European cities, the last days to ship are December 17 for International Economy and December 21 for International First and International Priority options.

Those dates are the same for select cities in Asia-Pacific.

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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