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Trudeau Says The Government Will 'Work With' Canadians Who Need To Repay The CERB

Over 200,000 Canadians need to return the money. 💰
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CERB Repayments Are Coming But Trudeau Says The Feds Are There For Those Who Need To Repay

With CERB repayments just around the corner for some people, Justin Trudeau wants to assure Canadians that the federal government will “work with” them.

Last month, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revealed that around 213,000 Canadians may have to return their CERB payments.

This includes people who accidentally received double benefits, as well as self-employed people who may have misunderstood the original application form.

Now, as some politicians criticize the government for requiring these repayments, Justin Trudeau has spoken out about the issue.

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The rules did not change, but we indicated to Canadians that we will work with them if people made good-faith mistakes. Justin Trudeau

During Wednesday’s question period in the House Of Commons, Trudeau acknowledged that some Canadians may be expected to repay thousands of dollars.

That said, he noted that the benefit’s “rules did not change” at any time, but the applications are now being verified on “the back end.”

He reiterated that those who made “good-faith mistakes” will not be penalized, but the CRA says they’ll still be expected to repay the money.

While the agency isn’t enforcing repayments before 2021, they suggest returning the money before December 31 so that it doesn’t have an impact on your taxes next year.

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